A day or two after I filed my patent application in April 2011 I sent a description of the system to one of the leading providers of cup management software in Europe (Netherlands). I never heard from them. Since then competitors have had the time to adapt and make changes to their software. I also question if people who worked on the project between 2005-2011 have violated agreements, confidentiality statements and copyright law before 2011. -All plans were made by me so the ownership is indisputable.

I will provide more information on software solutions that excisted in 2011 later. If they were not pc based software for cup management, they were online solutions based on wellknown pc based software limited to cup management that had excisted for 15-20 years. None included arena-, member management, rating and a comparable method for running tournaments. If you find a system with simularities today it is for sure a copy of this solution. I mention that because of the special circumstances that has delayed my Project.

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