Keystrokes constitute a percentage of the stream of thoughts and emotions a person has, and the percentage and reason for writing something can vary. For that reason keystrokes may be insignificant. They may only constitute a small part of a person’s complete stream of thoughts and emotions.

Therefore I don’t think it is right I have to apologize to anyone for having typed privately on my pc, but I am sorry that someone stole such data especially if they succeeded in using such data in hurting anyone emotionally. Either if they manipulated the data or not.

I have no responsibility for how the data has been used, and I have since 2011/2012 contacted police in Norway many times concerning a network of people who have broken Norwegian law 100s of times since 2011 in different ways concerning stolen data, abuse of such data and persecution. Police has done nothing to stop it.

Kind regards
Christian Morten Borge

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