( is a pilot project and a new scheme that will enable residents to put their finnished newspapers/magazines for sale in boxes placed in hallways in apartment buildings they live in. The scheme is easy to use for residents by writing an owner id of the newsbox followed by a slash and the residents' owner id on the front page of the newspaper/magazine before they are put in the box. A resident's owner id is always the person's phone number with the letter A before the first number. There is no need to pre-register to use the scheme. Text in the first SMS message or first payment notification will be used to collect more information about the person and to register the user. It will be easy to pay by sending an SMS for getting a monthly invoice, by a credit card on the webpage of or by a payment app equivalent to Vipps in Norway.

Prices on newspapers/magazines in the newsbox are set lower than in shops. The price to buy a today's newspaper/magazine is currently set to 70% of retails price, the price for yesterday's/previous publications to 40% of retail price and the price for older publications to 20% of retail price. When other residents buy newspapers/magazines from it residents who put them there («owners»), issuers of newspapers/ magazines and homeowner associations of apartment complexes and condominums will get payouts from Salaries to persons responsible for holding order in the newsbox will be drawn from the amounts payable to the homeowner associations before payouts. Salaries and persons responsible for newsboxes will be managed by

An instruction manual, price information and a list of shortcodes to be taped on to lid of the newsbox can be downloaded from 'Downloadable documents'. Residents can acquire a box suitable for the purpose themselves. See suggestions at

The scheme will also enable guests in serving places to charge a payment from guests for reading their newspapers/magazines. They can do so by using adhesive labels from on the front page of newspapers/magazines that can be ordered from
Guests in serving places can also get payouts from newspapers and magazines they leave behind by using the labels. Cafés, restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs can sell labels to their guests for 30 cents, 25 pence or 0,3 Euros.
Prisen for å lese en avis eller et tidsskrift er per i dag satt til 60% av løssalgspris. Hvordan klistrelapper fylles ut er vist under «Veiledning» på

The phone number used for collecting payments that is currently used on labels and on the instruction manual for lids will later be replaced by special country specific numbers.

The scheme motivates to utilizing newspapers and magazines better. Under the menu option 'Sharing of payments' you can read more about sharing of payments received by The fact that this is a pilot project means that feedback and experiences will be important to get everything right.

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