Project history

On 24th September 2021 and days before I visited shops in Oslo to find a suitable newsbox for the hallway of the apartment building I live in. I found and bought a nice box with a lid for 199 kr (see receipt under, now costs 299). The idea was that residents could put finnished newspapers and magazines in the box rather than throwing them away. I was motivated to do this on a time I had to save money when I thought I might as well read an old newspaper rather than buying one in a store and because I wanted to put my finnished newspapers and magazines in the box so that other residents could get my finnished newspapers/magazines. I wrote and printed a text that explained what the box was for that I sticked to the lid of the box, worked on it and replaced it with better versions. I also wrote a letter/questionaire that I put in other residents' newsboxes and asked for their persmission to have the newsbox in the hallway. The responses I got were neutral or positive.

After I had used the box for some days or weeks I thought residents who put newspapers/magazines in it could get paid. That would also motivate users of the box. On 24th October I wrote a letter to issuers of newspapers (the handwritten letter in Norwegian under) and shared more ideas with them and around 20th July 2022 I started working more actively with the project. In July 2022 I also registered the domain The project now is the result of that work. Changes in the project since around 20.7 have been protected by copyright on websites by businesses that offer such services.

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