Newspapers/magazines that are put in newsboxes

On newspapers/magazines that are to be put in newsboxes you write on the front page the newsbox owner id that is written followed by a slash, the letter A and your phone number. For example NB1234/A94782202.

Filling out labels

All serving places have or can get an Owner Id that is needed to fill out the labels: Select Find Owner Id in the menu to see if your serving place has one. If not you can write an SMS with the text 'New owner id, name on the serving place, address, postal code, city'. You will then receive an SMS with an owner id for the place within 24 hours.

When guests want to leave behind a newspaper/magazine in a serving place they first write the owner id of the serving place followed by a slash, the letter A and their own telephone number.Guests do not need to register anywhere before they fill out a first label. Their phone number is used to collect more information from them later.

Instruction manual for Newsboxes in apartment buildings

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