-The project was started by me through my business Borge Idrettssystemer in 2005.
-I randomly contacted a small one person entity Nettapp AS owned by the Norwegian woman Anne Cathrine Eriksen to program my ideas in 2005. She outsourced programming tasks to the Pakistani company Digitalspinners.com , and during the years I planned the system Digitalspinners programmed the prototype of the system. All on the basis of my ideas and plans. Some of the people from Digital spinners involved in the programming were Khalid Hameed, Yasir Abassi and Zaid. The company manager and owner lived in Norway by the name Liaqat Ali Chaudhary who also worked for Cap Gemini at Skøyen in Oslo.
-My project received a grant from Innovation Norway in 2006/2007 http://www.innovationnorway.no .
-Borge Idrettssystemer changed its name to Playacup As and became a joint-stock company in 2008.
-The project was registered under the Norwegian Skattefunn Programme in 2009, and remained under its wing for the years 2009-2012.
-A patent application was filed in April 2011.
-The company changed its name from Playacup As to Oponentus As in the summer of 2011.
-The company registered the trademark Oponentus in Norway in 2011, filing an international application at the same time.
-In April 2012, the patent application was forwarded as an international application in the PCT system.
-On the 9 June 2012, NOK 800,000 of the company’s debt to Sebelroth was converted into 8,000 shares at a face value of NOK 100. The new number of outstanding shares is 117,250.
-In December 2012 the trademark Oponentus was approved in the EU.
-In response to the Written opinion of the International Searching Authority the company filed a demand for an International Preliminary Examination in February 2013.
-In a debt settlement on the 2nd July 2013 Christian Morten Borge bought the assets of Oponentus As, except for an outstanding payment from Skattefunn to cover the cost of audit for the year 2012.
-The pct was filed in the US, Singapore and Malaysia as a National stage entry after October 2013.
-April 2014: Oponentus registered as a trademark in Norway, EU and USA.
-Christian M. Borge signs gift letter to the IOC in December 2014, later to be cancelled.
-The project is registered by Christian M. Borge at Indiegogo.com in April 2015 to raise money to continue the Project.
-The patent applications are withdrawn or not followed up for different reasons. Still the priority document filed in April 2011 in Norway is a well documented copyright document of the system, besides email correspondance and other evidence.
-I gave away the project on the 8th August 2015. Because of special circumstances during the years 2011-2015 I can still make changes in ownership.
-Because the prototype and system ideas in 2011 only included individual sport ideas, and the project stopped because of very special circumstances in 2011/2012, Christian M. Borge picked up the project and continued working on ideas for team sports in 2017/2018. These ideas have not been programmed as a prototype but include many new ideas on how different technologies may be used for different sports in the future. (see “New in 2017/2018”).

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