Revenues can come from:
-license sales
-a commission from arena lease revenues (1-3%)
-a commission from communities’ membership revenues (1-3%)
-a commission from tournament entry fees (1-3%)
-a commission from tournament official salaries (1-3%)
-product sales
-a commission on photo and video sales

Below are figures from a large sports club in Norway with a multi-purpose arena (Oponentus first versions will not be multi-purpose): 

Income Statement                                                                       Note               ‏2012‏‏-‏11‏‏-‏21‏

REVENUES in Norwegian kroners

Sales and commission revenues                                                                        2,849,539
Sponsor and advertising revenues                                                                     1,052,973
Subsidies                                                                                                            1,989,091
Lease revenues                                                                                                  5,623,833
Membership revenues                                                                                    7,529,250
Event revenues                                                                                                   1,350,387
Voluntary work, lotteries, gifts, etc.                                                                        863,563
Other revenues                                                                                                      113,965

TOTAL OPERATING REVENUES                                                                      21,372,601

Membership status, membership fees

As at 31 December 2012 XXX has 2,188 members. The members are distributed between 1,285 women and 902 men. Nearly 75% of the members are under 25 years of age.

The membership fees for XXX have been significantly lower than for most clubs with multiple sports teams in our immediate area, but was increased to NOK 300 for 2011 for members under 25 years of age, NOK 500 for members of age 25 or more and NOK 700 for a family membership.

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