Oponentus.com is a next generation sport solution for associations, clubs, workplaces and other communities of interests who desire a better tool for organising sporting events.
-Cup, court, member and rating management all bundled together in one online solution.
-A unique way of conducting a tournament. When a tournament is created, a tournament timescheduleis established and the tournament subsequently runs itself.
-Users can play many roles, ranging from a player to a tournament director, and in different sports.
-Ratings are automatically updated when results are submitted. No need to update ratings lists manually.
-Results can be submitted from any online PC.
-Tournaments can either be open to all and only effect a player’s national or international rating or be open to just members of a certain community, affecting only the players rating within that community (such as a sports club).
-Associations can receive income from license sales.
-In later versions adding tools to manage ticket sales for matches, and for tournament officials to receive payment for their work through the system.

See the enclosed file for a comparison with other software solutions, as well as a brief description of the methodology for conducting a tournament.

Comparison and method, English version

Comparison and method, Norwegian version

Methodology, English version

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